Thunderpanda Troops

Thunderpanda TroopsThunderpanda Troops are a series of customs to celebrate the 10th personal custom of Lemi the Space Wanderer. and I skin 5 toys into “Thunderpanda Theme” they would be looks like panda, and have thunder. :)

And they’ll soon conquer the earth.

There are 5 customs available

001 : Coobie by ADMSXT aka The Collector.
002 : Gubi Gubi by Painkillahart Aka “The Silent Killer”
003 : Cubee by Cubeecraft Aka “The Key”
004 : Kyuu! by Thunderpanda Aka “The Assassin”
005 : Lemi the Space Wanderer by Thunderpanda Aka “The Commander”

All of the papertoys made for free and available at : starting from November 6th and completed at November 10th 2008.