Lemi The Space Wanderer

Lemi papercraftLemi the Space Wanderer is a character that i made a couple years ago, his first appearance was as logo mascot for www.deathrockstar.info , after a few developing and supervision with Mr.Andy (in memoriam) sculptors from mytummytoys.com , We decide to finalize his form to something between a computer monitor/television and bunny. i made a few short stories for him at http://thespacewanderer.blogspot.com but not much story in it.

The stories is that Lemi got lost in space, and looking his was back home, while wandering in space he eat some monsters. He also have a dog,

The papertoy pattern are available at http://thunderpanda.com/lemi

Thunderpanda itself, is my personal portfolio blog, i put most of my new work there such as font designs/paintings/illustration and now papertoy :)

And now i currently developing the Pattern for Wilson The Robot, i’m still researching about how the robot could stand in balance in the pose i wish.