Pilar’s origami art

Pilar has always liked crafts and to do things with her hands. What fascinates her about origami is the fact that you start with a flat piece of paper and the results have no limits. She particularly likes the polyhedrons and 3D geometrical figures or modules, which are made with units that are folded in certain fashion and then assembled together.

Pilar's origami artPilar's origami art

She likes using tape to reinforce the modules; otherwise they would fall apart very easily. The units she makes are very sturdy and most of them have a loop, so you can hang the piece or just place it on a desk or shelf for decoration. She has all kinds of paper designs, colors, finishes and sizes. The more variety the merrier!

She also makes animals such as cranes, fish, sea horses, butterflies and such that she places on frames. Ideal to decorate a kid’s room or a kitchen or whatever you want!

For more information please contact her at pilar314 [at] hotmail [dot] com