Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon

Okay, okay! There are lots of Millennium Falcon paper models out there!

But hey, my time now! :)

Becker&Mayer invited me to join them on this project. How could I say “no”?

Here are some details from their 2015 catalog:

The third title in becker&mayer!’s popular Star Wars papercraft series, Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon brings the galaxy’s most notorious ship to life. The accompanying book examines the pivotal missions the Falcon has performed along with technical sidebars on the ship’s many alterations and weapons.


Two new models on their way to stores

Yesterday, I got these two boxes at home. Yes! They are my two new contributions to becker&mayer!, and I’m very proud of them!

I’d like to thank becker&mayer! for inviting my for these projects! :)

I think they’ll be available at stores soon.

You can check my other two projects with becker&mayer! at and