Albatros DrII

Going on the WWI Experimental Aircrafts, I decided to design the Albatros Dr.II.

The Albatros Dr.II was a German prototype single-seat fighter triplane, the sole example of which flew in the spring of 1918. It was similar in many respects to the D.X biplane, employing amongst other features the same 195 hp Benz Bz.IIIbo engine and twin 7.92 mm machine guns.

The three pairs of wings were sharply staggered, braced by broad I-struts and shared parallel chords. All three pairs were equipped with ailerons, linked by hinged struts. (from Wikipedia)

You can download it from the WWI Aircrafts page. Enjoy!

WWI Aircrafts – RAF – S.E.4a

RAF - S.E.4aLast month, Roman Vasyliev – from der Kampfflieger card models – posted some aircraft profiles at Zealot forum. They are part of his forthcoming book about WWI rare and experimental aircrafts.

Roman has lots of aircraft models at his website and he’d like to see some of these experimentals in paper. I decided to model one of them, so I contacted him. He shared some reference material he has and here it is: The RAF – S.E.4a.

Designed at Farnborough by H P Folland at the end of 1914, the S.E.4a was one of a series of “Scouting Experimentals” used to study the interplay of stability and manoeuvrability.more at Aviastar

More pics at WWI Aircrafts page

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