After their first contact with the design of papercraft, it was time to begin their real challenge.

This year, the idea is each class build a dinosaur. For this, I created models of a Tyrannosaurus, Pteranodon and a Styracosaurus. BTW, these three models are available for download from the Workshops page.

Basically, the parts are cones and truncated cones. Each student should build one or two parts.

They were very excited about the task, which was divided into: Score, Cut, Fold, Glue and initial perception of where each part goes.

I was really impressed with the ability of some students, who managed to assemble very small parts.

Finally, they completed the assembly of the dinosaurs, joining the parts they build. Parts were numbered for easy identification.
Tyrannosaurus partsPteranodon footTyrannosaurus leg

The painting was done later, during the art classes.

Remember, you can download these models from the Workshops page, and try them with your kids!

Children learning model design

Going on my Children learning solids mission, it was time to show them about model designing.

I brought my notebook into the class, and introduce MilkShape 3D and Pepakura Designer to them. The main goal was to design, unfold and build a tooth paste tube.

They loved all process steps and contribute a lot during designing. The best moment was when they inferred that the tube can be represented as a cylinder with one end ‘smashed’.

Children learning solids

I was invited once again to teach some 6-7 y.o. children about geometric solids.

We’ve been talking about sphere, cylinder, cone, cube and parallelepiped. I taught them the basics and how to draw/represent them.

Unfolding a cone

Besides, we were focusing on a project where they’ll build a paper dinosaur. I told them about designing and unfolding and how to represent a complex surface using simple solids. E.g.: a dinosaur tail can be split into a cone and some truncated cones. The simply loved the idea!

I’ll tell you more on this story soon. Stay tuned :)