Star Wars Christmas Tree

Next month, we’ll be amazed at the new episode of Star Wars – The Last Jedi.

My family and I decided to celebrate this event with a homemade Star Wars Christmas tree. I would like to share the entire process involved and also some templates so that you can create yours.


Step 1: Ships
I suggested that we should use Christmas tree balls as a starting point. Thus, we choose the Imperial ships of the Tie family, for they present spherical cockpits.

Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter (Vader)

Tie Interceptor

Tie Defender

Tie Droid

R2-D2 – Not a ship, but has a spherical head

All parts were glued with hot glue and painted with metallic spray paint silver and rose gold.

Step 2: Tree top – Death Star

Downloaded, printed and assembled Death Star model, available at

Before I glued one hemisphere to the other, I wrapped the inside with foil and made several holes, so that an inner illumination could only be seen through them.

Step 3: Tree Skirt – Imperial Logo

I cut a 42-inch circle on the black felt and a 12-inch circle on the white felt. Both with a hole in the center to pass the tree trunk. The other details were cut into the white felt and everything was glued with hot glue.

To finish, I pasted a garland around the skirt and the inner hole.

Step 4: Stepping Santa
Long ago, we’ve got this Mr. Christmas Stepping Santa. A helmet and a felt cape, and he became Stepping Vader!

Step 5: Lightsabers
I used 100 colored straws and a regular LED string (100 LEDs). I put together each pair using silver tape.

Thanks for reading! Merry Xmas and a wonderful 2018 to you all!