Ghostbusters Proton Pack

I’ve received this kit from Mackenzie Yeung. Here’s Mack’s description:

Paper craft Proton Pack as seen in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. It is about 7/10 the size of “The Real Ghostbusters” proton pack toy. Despite this, it CAN be wearable.

Meant to be printed on card stock or photo paper for durability.

Number of pages: 11 with 1 optional template
Number of parts: 18 with 2 spare parts

Proton Pack: 7/10 BASED ON TOY – 11 x 7 inches
Proton Gun: 9/10 BASED ON TOY – 13 1/2 inches

Download it from the Ecto-1 page

Harry Potter Wand

Jonathan Leslie and I are working on a paper version of Hogwarts. As you know, Hogwarts is a magical place. It’s bigger than it looks and it keeps hidden to muggles.

Besides that, it’s a real challenge to model it with all its towers, bridges and walls.

So I thought I would need a magical wand to do that. And here it is!

The Harry Potter Wand model is based on Nobel Collection one and, like its sister, it lights!

Now, we are ready to design Hogwarts!

Visit Harry Potter Wand page and download the Wand, instructions and electrical schema. Enjoy it!