Internet-connected toys made from paper

Paper models are awesome. You can create toys, sculptures and many other things.

In “Computer days”, we can also give 3D shape to things we see on the screen, like game characters, robots and so on.

Now, imagine connecting you virtual life to your paper models… That would be great!

ReaDIYmates are easy-to-build Wi-Fi objects which are designed to bridge the gap between the online and real word by reacting to your digital presence. Examples include moving of their arms when you receive an email from a specific person, or playing an MP3 when you’re mentioned on Twitter.

You can view more pictures and read the specs at ReaDIYmate.

Via gizmag

Halloween is here!

To celebrate this holiday, unleashes “Rippy” as a special LIMITED EDITION download.

Grab him while you can because when November 1st rolls around, “Rippy” will VANISH into the night until next year!

As a BONUS, this paper toy has an optional foreground piece with a blank face so you can customize yours!