Sleeping Beauty Castle and Darth Vader

Coming next, according to becker & mayer 2014 catalog.

It was a great pleasure for my family and me to take part on these awesome and iconic projects!

Cinderella Castle play set

My wife and I designed and built this castle so MaLu (our daughter) can play with her Polly Pocket princesses. We based our design on Disney Store’s Cinderella Castle Play Set.

We had to upscale the original one, so it could fit Polly Pocket dolls.

Pay special attention on the first picture. MaLu helped us reinforcing paper with card stock and paper towel.

This model is not available for download! If you want to build yours, please e-mail me so I can send you download the original PDO file Sorry, no instructions…

You’ll also need Pepakura Viewer do open and print PDO files.