About Skip

I'm a 29yr old father of 3, soon to be 4! I've been designing models now for around 3yrs and plan to keep on going! :D Too many ideas to stop. LOL! I'm from South Wales, in the UK. My main interests are sci-fi movies and TV, papermodelling and modelling in general. I also enjoy Cluive Cussler books.

BumbleBee /Beater Bee Available!

bbee-011.jpgHey guys,

I just wanted to post quickly to apologise for the delays to the release of the ’76 Bumble Bee model. I got myself sidetracked and started another project, that happens to me alot sometimes. Though as you cn see, the testbuild is all done now and it was a success! :)

Well, this project has suffered from a delay but I’m pleased to announce that the model is now available!!

Download it here!

Thanks friends.

BumbleBee ’76 Camaro

Hi guys,

I wanted to thank the people who come here that posted some very kind comments on my 2009 Camaro. I’m really pleased you like it. I also posted that I was working on another Camaro BumbleBee, the ’76 “Beater Bee” Camaro.

tex17.jpgI thought it only right that I let you guys see it. 😀 It’s not quite finished yet but I’m close. I’m very near the end now with some minor texturing and then unfolding to do. It has detailed interior like many of Claudio’s models and the 2009 Camaro. Many of the weathered textures for the exterior come direct from screen captures of the movie too!

So what better place to show it off then here at Paperinside.com?! Claudio’s given my 2009 Camaro a great home here, thanks Claudio! So soon the 2009 will have another companion here too!

BumbleBee 2009 Camaro

bb-004a.jpgHi guys,

I’m Andrew “Skip” Skupinski, designer of the 2009 Camaro model. I’ve been an fan of Claudios models for a long time now and have always wanted to try my hand at designing a car model the way Claudio does.

We’ve worked together already for the X-Jet model and the Lazy Town Airship but this time it was different. Claudio had started his design of the BumbleBee robot and he was doing a great job. So I wanted to try and do something to tie in with Claudios model and also compliment it. What better than BumbleBee in his car mode??!

Claudio has been a great help in giving me pointers and advice, so a big thanks goes to him for that, AND for hosting my model here at Paperinside.com.

The model has been testbuilt and is maybe not best suited to the beginner. I hope you guys enjoy building this model as much as I enjoyed designing it! :)

Get the model and instructions here: The Bumblebee Camaro Page

Please take a short moment to read the “Readme” file first.

Many thanks.