Speed Racer Mach 6

Hi Friends,

I’d like to tell you I’ve started (at last!!!) tha amazing Mach 6 from Speed Racer movie.

I think I’ll build it next week.

Hope you like it!

4 thoughts on “Speed Racer Mach 6

  1. WOW !! another graet movie car !!! I see your post in paper modelers !!

    waiting the to download !!

    great job Claudio !!

  2. Grande Claudio, Com certeza ficara excelete!

    Uma sugestao, que tal um papermodel para o “Green Energy” da petrobras, para fazer compania para este?

  3. Great job Claudio.
    I live in Brazil and I have built the bumblebee model (with leds) and the Mach 5 model. Only one word to your models:

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