Papertoy design – the basics

There is a lot of information about paper models and where you can download it, but no/little information about the creative process of papertoys.

How to design a papertoy starting from scratch. How to start with creating papertoys.

Matthijs C. Kamstra aka [mck] wrote an interesting article regarding this subject:
How to create your own Papercraft

Now he wrote about the creative process of designing a papertoy:
Papertoy design – the basics
and it starts from the beginning: a cube and how to make a cube into a papertoy.

It seems that people need some help in the creative process.

One thought on “Papertoy design – the basics

  1. this is what I looking for. The information about basic papercraft create. It’s time to just only follow other people but turn to be the creater, instead.

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