8 thoughts on “Park Villains – The Joker

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  3. Hi I am not sure if this is a problem or if it’s my printer but when I print out the page with the hair on I get purple parts showing up on the hair.
    like I said it could just be my printer.

  4. I get the same problem when i print out the green (hair) section! I did it a few times, but it still happens.

  5. Crimson and 123,

    When you open the PDF file inside Acrobat, does it look green or purple? If it is green, you may have a problem regarding mapping colors from Acrobat to printer.

    In printer setup dialog, you can find a color setting like ‘Adobe RGB’. I use an Epson printer and it has this setting.

    Hope it helps

  6. Hi!

    Same “Problem”.
    But I think it is by pupose. Guess it indicates roughly the area the has to be cut out of the hair to that the face is revealed. Tricky though… :-)

  7. I had the same problem. I tried every option in the Advanced Tab, but no matter which Colour Management I chose, it always printed with black parts on the hair. I did find a solution. Open the file in Photoshop, the print from there. All you get is green hair!!
    Anybody know how the extra big section of hair goes? Underneath? Stuck to the opposite side of the other piece of hair?

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