Since 2005, Dutch comic-illustrator/designer Maarten Janssens has rediscovered the world of paper kits. His lifelong fascination with pictures, characters and paper-material came together in what soon became his project-of-love 3EyedBear. It still took two years before the project aired due to work and lack of direction, but in 07, Maarten launched his website which immediately became very successful.

The work still gets in the way, so the project is evening-, night- and weekendfueled but the direction appeared quite simple: It’s wrapped around the concept not only to create a basic and accessible awareness and little community for those who like papercraft, but mainly as an experiment to prove the philosophy that simple 3-dimensional ideas can travel as paperkits all around the world without cultural or natural boundaries. Because they translate easily into bits and bytes, you only need a computer, a printer, some scissors and glue to get started.

Visit Maarten website at http://www.3eyedbear.com

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