Embraer 190 available

Going on Embraer jets, here comes the Embraer 190.

Embraer 190 paper model

It’s a 98-114 seats jet powered with two General Electric’s CF34-10E.

Brazil’s Government bought 2 Embraer 190 and I chose its colors to create my model. I’m making available a blank version too, so you can repaint it as you wish. This blank version contains windows, doors and control surfaces only.

You can see some pics and download both parts and instructions from the Embraer Jets page.

Hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Embraer 190 available

  1. Hi, I’m Brazillian and I love papercraft! It’s very nice to see so many good things said about my country here! Are you Brazillian or know any Brazillians? Thank you!

  2. Hello, I don’t want to appear stupid but I just cannot find the link to download the Embraer jets. Please help me. Thanks

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