22 thoughts on “Bumblebee awarded!

  1. I can’t believe you only got 2nd place. I wish I could see what possible design beat yours. I can’t see the pictures.

  2. Kurt, to see the pics you must register at forum.zealot.com

    This was a build contest. And, as I said, there were other 17 fantastic entries! The winner was a terrific Panzer

  3. Claudio that tanck , the 1 pace , is macke by paper ? although is more more more original your Bumblebee !!! you mast have the 1st place !! Congratulation !!!!!

  4. Claudio existe algum email para eu te enviar um material em que estou trabalhando? gostaria de te mostrar algumas coisas

  5. Hiya Claudio,
    I’m going to try to get this laser cut next week, is it possible to obtain the original vector files?,
    I’ll get a quote for a few cutouts if people want ’em!!

  6. Hi Claudio
    i would like to know first in the tumbler model what i do with that point line all over the model i need to paint that??
    second are you planning build the BATPOD his new bike?

  7. When I found your bumble bee I had to download it…I just got started building it and to my surprise he’s jointed!!! omg! Absolutely amazing….I have only one wish that the instructions were alittle more detailed. Thank you for sharing such an awesome creation.

  8. Awesome model indeed. Can I possibly challenge you to design as perfect as you can and as large as bumblee. Batman’s pod bike from the dark knight movie

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