Bumblebee Legs available

Bumblebee arms ready for downloadBumblebee Legs are now available for download.

Each leg has 9 articulated joints. Some of them provide more than one rotation axis.

Now you have 17 pages – head(1) / arms(6) / legs(10) – to cut, fold and glue!

You can see some other pics and download the legs (parts and instructions) from the Bumblebee page.

Next: The torso.

Hope you like it.

15 thoughts on “Bumblebee Legs available

  1. WOW !!! another great job Claudio !!!!! that is espectacular and whit 9 articulated joints !!!! now the torso to join all that great body parts !!! I can wait !!! Congratulations !!!! Go on !!

  2. OMG!:) This model will be f**** awesome! When will you release the torso?;) I can’t wait for it…:(

    (an addict…:))

  3. E ai Claudio….putz kra…sem palavras essas pernas do Bumblebee…..qual o tamanho final do modelo….eu já me esqueci…..:p

  4. Folks,

    Thanks a lot!


    I must release the entire model till June 30th. Otherwise, I won’t be eligible to forum.zealot.com contest.


    The full model will be 18in tall.

  5. Man ! You’re completely mad with that creation ! But I like it !
    When it is finished, I think I’ll talk about it on my blog. Come and see it, I also make videogames review with contests (if you live not to far from Switzerland, I may be able to send you a game… If you win :)
    Take care !

  6. i can wait to fhinsh but i was thinking can u maek othercharac like jass ,

  7. Cláudio: This paper model is completely awesome!! Thanks for sharing it with everybody!! Good luck at the contest!!

  8. This model is really awesome! Now, when do you give us the torso? Please!!! I need the torso! Please!!! I can’t wait!!! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  9. Man that was great! amazing!!!! when you finish the chest??

  10. Three days left…;) How’s going the last part? Will you finish in time? (I hope so.. this model should be the first on the contest!!:)) Cheers!

  11. You should remake the instruction. If pic 062 goes before 094 then part I17 will not fit. I mean, you should glue I17 first before putting H20+H16 to I8

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