BumbleBee ’76 Camaro

Hi guys,

I wanted to thank the people who come here that posted some very kind comments on my 2009 Camaro. I’m really pleased you like it. I also posted that I was working on another Camaro BumbleBee, the ’76 “Beater Bee” Camaro.

tex17.jpgI thought it only right that I let you guys see it. 😀 It’s not quite finished yet but I’m close. I’m very near the end now with some minor texturing and then unfolding to do. It has detailed interior like many of Claudio’s models and the 2009 Camaro. Many of the weathered textures for the exterior come direct from screen captures of the movie too!

So what better place to show it off then here at Paperinside.com?! Claudio’s given my 2009 Camaro a great home here, thanks Claudio! So soon the 2009 will have another companion here too!

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I'm a 29yr old father of 3, soon to be 4! I've been designing models now for around 3yrs and plan to keep on going! :D Too many ideas to stop. LOL! I'm from South Wales, in the UK. My main interests are sci-fi movies and TV, papermodelling and modelling in general. I also enjoy Cluive Cussler books.

12 thoughts on “BumbleBee ’76 Camaro

  1. I calculate the 2009 Camaro in 40 cm long !! wow what a car !!! and the instructions are so detail likes

  2. And I sure that this 76 Camaro will be exelent like the 2009 !!! jajajaj Claudio have to do the BumbleBee 76 robot version now !!! good look !!

  3. man iv’e done both this one and the 09′ camaro. the detail is amazing!! now if i could only commision you to do a few special cars for me personally. please contact me

  4. i would like you to do a 1969 dodge charger in the camaro format along with a 09′ challanger do you think your up to the challange??? looking at your past masterpieces i’d say it should be childs play for you!! contact me at lonewolf46515@yahoo.com please i’ll pay for the right model!!!!!!

  5. hey man cool models you have i can’t wait to build your Camaro 2009 and this old school cam76 thanks alot…mind me asking if you have other models beside this?…just send me a link at my e-mail add…

    thanks more papercraft to you man….

  6. Awesome work man. I usually don’t post on blogs but I admire people who work their craft. If you ever need anything for your Chevy, check out my shop Midwest Muncie. Thanks

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