BumbleBee 2009 Camaro

bb-004a.jpgHi guys,

I’m Andrew “Skip” Skupinski, designer of the 2009 Camaro model. I’ve been an fan of Claudios models for a long time now and have always wanted to try my hand at designing a car model the way Claudio does.

We’ve worked together already for the X-Jet model and the Lazy Town Airship but this time it was different. Claudio had started his design of the BumbleBee robot and he was doing a great job. So I wanted to try and do something to tie in with Claudios model and also compliment it. What better than BumbleBee in his car mode??!

Claudio has been a great help in giving me pointers and advice, so a big thanks goes to him for that, AND for hosting my model here at Paperinside.com.

The model has been testbuilt and is maybe not best suited to the beginner. I hope you guys enjoy building this model as much as I enjoyed designing it! :)

Get the model and instructions here: The Bumblebee Camaro Page

Please take a short moment to read the “Readme” file first.

Many thanks.

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About Skip

I'm a 29yr old father of 3, soon to be 4! I've been designing models now for around 3yrs and plan to keep on going! :D Too many ideas to stop. LOL! I'm from South Wales, in the UK. My main interests are sci-fi movies and TV, papermodelling and modelling in general. I also enjoy Cluive Cussler books.

22 thoughts on “BumbleBee 2009 Camaro

  1. INCREDIBLE !! you read my mind !!! that is the perfect complement I can see the presentation of the camaro and the bumblebee models together !!! another fantastic and big job, Claudio and you are the best !! go on !!

  2. Thank you very much! 😀 I also scaled the model to be the same as Claudios BumbleBee too.
    I enjoyed designing this model so much that I plan to continue designing Transformers models for the time being.

  3. Yes I saw that of the same scale 1 / 12 !! great !! And yes you have to continue designig Transformers !!!! I said to Claudio make Optimus Prime and you can make the trunk !! what do you think ? !!!

  4. Thank you very much. I’m glad you guys like it. I’m grateful to Claudio too for giving my models a home here. It’s been great to see what you guys think of it.

    Thank you very much. :)

  5. GOOD DAY SKIP… i’d like to compliment on ur model, its great and definitely a work of art. id like to ask wat kind of paper did you use for the car? i noticed its shiny… and wat kind of paper should i be using?

  6. Hi,

    Thanks alot. :) I didn’t build the model you see though, I only designed it. I believe the model was built using glossy photocard.

  7. I began to construct this 2009 camaro model , I finished wheels, under carriage and interior. Instructions are not enough. I was confused especially while combining roof part (D3) onto the interior.

  8. Hey,

    That’s a common comment with these models. I created the best instruction I could with the build pics I was supplied. Sorry about that. If you can provide a better instruction for that section then please feel free to share it. 😉

  9. Thank you for this great model Skip, you are the best but I mean The photos you used in instructions have bad resolution . I will supply more quality photos.

  10. Thank you . Skip I want to learn how you create 2d parts from a 3d computer based model? Which programs do you use for this? And I am waiting for your other great car models

  11. And I used two layer normal a4 printer paper. I sticked them each other for exterior body and wheels. Only for carriage I used a thich cardboard

  12. Hey I am looking for another super realistic car models like this. Help me to find please

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