Bumblebee Head available

Bumblebee head ready for downloadFinally, something you can work on!

I’ve completed the Bumblebee Head this weekend and I decided to make it available for download, so you can start your own Bumblebee right now! I will start building his arms next weekend, so you can expect their download link soon.

You can see some other pics and download the head (parts and instructions) from the Bumblebee page.

As you see, I’ve used two blue leds as his eyes. IMHO, it looks great!

Hope you like it.

6 thoughts on “Bumblebee Head available

  1. simplemente espectacular !!!
    i waiting for the rest !!
    you have to make optimus prime after bumblebee!!!!

  2. hey! any chance you would be making an optimums prime revenge of the fallen model? boy, that’d be a sight to behold!

  3. Hey, you’ve done a spectacular piece of work… but i was wondering if you could make your instructions a bit more clearer, esp step10 Attach A19 to A15 first, then attach A2.. I haven’t quite figured out how to attach A19 to A15. So try to make your instructions a bit clearer.. and I would be very gald if you could post those steps clearly.. :)

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