Bumblebee torso and foot

Bumblebee 3D model torsoIt’s been a long time since my last update. You see, I was busy with the Super Tucano

Now back to Bumblebee, I started unfolding head and arms which gave me 7 pages – 1 page for the head and 3 pages each arm.

I’ve been working on the torso and right now, I’m modeling the feet. You can check more pics at Bumblebee page.

12 thoughts on “Bumblebee torso and foot

  1. i’mon your nek waiting for you to finnish bummble bee .
    And release the cutouts… I’ll start building the 1st minute i get it….

  2. Absolutely spectacular…you don’t plan on making a transformable version do you? I don’t think I can download this one fast enough as soon as you finish so I can get to building it! Keep up the great work!

  3. I’ll wait for your others bumblebee parts to share,thanx
    u’r awesome!!!!

  4. hey keep it going, i already have made the arms n i plan to make the head, n when i finished the arms n head i want u to finish the torso,cause it’s so cool good work how did u make it demonstrate to us plisss ,another time maybe i wish u finish the bumblebee it’s awesome DUDE ill wait

  5. I can t wait for the rest of the parts !! that is GREAT!! after it you have to make a optimus prime pleaseeee !! what do you think !!???

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