Prague paper model

Antonin Langweil unique paper model of PragueAntonin Langweil created this unique paper model of Prague. The model, on a scale of 1:480, takes up an area of two-by-two metres and shows the city as it looked 150 years ago.

Langweil started his lifelong work on the 13th July 1826 on his 35th birthday. From then on he would walk around the capital and makes sketches.

After three years of hard work Langweil presented the first completed section. The public showed quite an interested in the model, which at that time included some 600 houses in the Old Town, and so Langweil, encouraged by the response, continued with the Jewish Town.

You can read the original article : Antonin Langweil – a man who built his own Prague

Source : Mike Hungerford

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