Bumblebee Hand – Test build

Transformers Bumblebee handI finally (test) built Bumblebee right hand this weekend.

I printed these parts black and white and colored them with markers.

First, let’s see how each joint is made:

  1. Two thin rings (black ones) at each end of yellow part and one wider (silver) on gray part
  2. When these rings are firmly attached to their parts, I pass a cylinder through them
  3. The cylinder is glued to the black rings. The silver ring is kept free so the cylinder is able to roll inside it

You can see some some pics of the completed hand at Bumblebee page

10 thoughts on “Bumblebee Hand – Test build

  1. Nice work there.. I was wondering if a ‘Car only’ version would be made or not. The detail seems extremely good. Keep up the good work!

  2. esta ficando muito engenhoso isso heim ehhehe….nossa…tudo articulado…já estou até imaginando o resultado…muito bom Cláudio!!!

  3. CrimosnBronxs,

    Thank you for your offer! I’m not planning to start another test build by now. I’ve been focusing on design.

    However, I won’t hesitate to contact you if I need some help.

  4. Hey Claudio,
    How is the Bumble Bee doing I watch your website daily I have built the Ecto-1 so far from your website and have to say it’s the best fun I have had building a model pretty easy to nuild as well because of great instructions. Looking forward to updates working on a p-38, p-47 and p-40 right now from PMI and can’t wait to finish to try out another of your models. Great work!
    Doug in Denver
    p.s. try to send some Ecto-1 picutres if I get time.

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