Introducing Bumblebee

I started to work on a paper version of the 2007 Transformers Bumblebee.

I’m planning to design the 2008 Camaro robot version. Also, I’d like to make it poseable. That means, it will have rotating joints including fingers ad toes.

First step is to design and build skeleton and all joints. I’ll post some pics here when I have a couple parts done.

According to the movie, Bumblebee is 18 feet high. I want to build it on 1:12 scale, that means, 18 inches high.

17 thoughts on “Introducing Bumblebee

  1. Hi, my name is Mauricio and i´m from São Paulo, Brazil.
    Thnks for your great site and that news about bumblebee !!!
    I´ll waiting…

  2. Hola muy interesante el proyecto si te animas tambien a diseñar a optimus prime movie seria fantastico mucho empeño en el proyecto.


  3. from the neatherlands I say bring us the Bumblebee.
    I can’t wait beginning to build what you will give us…

    Groeten Martin

  4. E ai Claudio!!!!
    Kra eu estou super ansioso para ver esse modelo!!! pq vc nao faz esse modelo um pouco maior, tipo 22″ ?….falo isso por causa da facilidade da construção…ja que se trata de um modelo bem detalhado não é?…
    boa sorte ae no modelo!!!!
    To loucoo para ver as fotos heheheh

  5. hi i’m grace in indonesia
    looking forward for the bumblebee!!!!
    your designs are fabulous

  6. Great news to hear that you are doing this! Have been a fan of your work for some time. thank you for making these models and for offering them up for free.

    Keep on Trekkin!

  7. Wonderful news, I’m from Malaysia and this is fantastic.
    I have been going crazy looking for a bumblebee model.

    Bro I can’t wait to start to build one.

    Cheers Bro.

  8. Hey Claudio! Good luck and hooray to your project!! Btw, I know you from papermodels mail group…. but you don`t happen to be brazillian (or any portuguese speaking country), do you?

    Erika, greetings from BR.

  9. This model is great! I love this Movie! Great job, great job!!! The original, not transformed Camaro is under so maked?

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