LazyTown Airship

Once again Skip invited me to a project. Thank you Friend!

The Sportacus Airship from TV series LazyTown.

Skip want to hang this airship from his children’s room ceiling, so he shared this project at An incredible coincidence: about a month ago, I was talking to my wife about designing this airship. So it was much than a pleasure to join him again!

I started the 3D mesh yesterday and here is the first screen shot.

Mesh is done!Texture is done! You can see some pics at LazyTown’s Airship page

5 thoughts on “LazyTown Airship

  1. Hi.

    I wanted to know where can I found some bus papercrafts (like but better). See, I want to design some busses to show on a small exposition, and I have the basic patterns (taked from, so I just need someone that could design them for me or that could help me to do it.
    By the way, I’m from Chile, so I don’t speak english very well, but I try to do it. Hope you understand…


  2. From me, YOU’RE WELCOME!!

    You have a daughter you say? There’ll be a pleasant surprise then when this is released.

    Trust me. 😉

    This was a fun project. I enjoyed it treamendously, it’s great to be part of a “Dias” design process. I only wish I could model(in Milkshape) as well as he does.

    Thanks Claudio.

  3. Skip said:
    “I only wish I could model(in Milkshape) as well as he does.”

    Hey Skip!

    I only wish I could texture as well as he does. :-)

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