X-Jet available

I’ve completed the build process yesterday so here it is.

The X-Jet from X-Men movie. This is the first model I have a partner at designing process. Please, let’s say Thanks to Skip!

You can check some pics and download both model and instructions from the X-Jet page.


3 thoughts on “X-Jet available

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  2. I have not done anything like this so I consider myself an amateur,but one of my uncles is abig X-Men fan,and I´ve been searching for this plane in a lot of places,so I found this website and thought it would be very nice to give it as a present to him,but I want to have it ready for christmas,do you think If I start it now I will have it for those days?

    thanks in advance

  3. It took me a few (partial) days to complete it, so I’m sure you can build it before Christmas.

    If you have any doubts, please drop me a line.

    Good luck!

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