Andrew Skupinsky (Skip) and I started a team work at the X-Men bird, the X-Jet.

Skip asked me to design the 3d mesh and unfolding. He provided me all reference material I needed and he did an awesome job texturing my mesh.

You can follow our X-Jet WIP at and see some pics in the X-Jet page.

3 thoughts on “X-Jet

  1. Hey Claudio,

    It was really quite exciting to see the bird posted up here! Thanks for creating the mesh and for unfolding it. It was fun working with you and I look forward to doing it again soon. :)


  2. Hi, excellent model, already I have made two, I would like to know where I find the x-jet in 3d studio or in MilkShape 3D, please give me a link or if you can facilitate it to your me, pleaseee…!!!

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