Powerpuff Girls – Blossom

The Powerpuff Girls revolves around the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, three little girls with super powers.

The girls use their powers to defend their town from various villains, and often deal with normal issues young children face, such as bed wetting or dependence on a security blanket (from Wikipedia).

The first Powerpuff Girl coming to paperinside.com is Blossom, the intelligent and level headed leader. You can download her at the Powerpuff Girls page.


8 thoughts on “Powerpuff Girls – Blossom

  1. I’m sorry, this is maybe a stupid question but I’ve been looking for the download link in the indicated page and i can’t found it!

  2. And for sure… I colect paper crafts, but just the best ones , and you don’t know how much i want this one!!!!!! So YOU ROCK!!!!!

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