SP avatar Long hair

Suggestion from Elias Reyes:

…could somebody change the 3D pattern to add something like an optional “veil” over the head? … like a bullet without the flat side

I’ve done this and you can download an update version of the model files. They now include the “veil” and a texture for it inside the JPG file.

All you have to do is create a bald version for the head and build the whole veil. Then you have to cut it to look like a real haircut.

Thank you Elias for your suggestion!

4 thoughts on “SP avatar Long hair

  1. Hey claudio! I’ve finally finished my exams last friday, and by now I ‘ve finished my south park char already 😛
    i’m sending some photos to you right now, but the camera I had wasn’t very good… anyway, my brother has a good one, so, if you’d like some better photos you just have to tell, ok?
    thanks again for the pattern man!

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