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Well, not so long ago, I found the South Park Studio website. There, you can create your own avatar with clothing and body parts drawn in the style of the South Park cartoons.

Many people have been using these avatars since then.

But wait! We have been talking about paper models here at So, where do these avatars feature?

  • Avatars are nice
  • We all love 3D
  • We all love paper models

So, let’s put them all together!

Here’s the deal:
You can create your own South Park character and assemble its paper model! Awesome, huh?

You’ll need:

  1. An image editor. MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw…
  2. Download FREE Pepakura Viewer
  3. Download model files. ZIP file contains the model (PDO) file and the texture (JPG) file

Just follow these steps:

  1. Access South Park Studio and create your avatar
  2. Copy the picture and paste it inside the image editor
  3. Work on custom.jpg file, using the avatar you have created. Note: you must have some basic skills on image edition
  4. Save custom.jpg with another name
  5. Run Pepakura Viewer and open custom.pdo file. Access ‘Configuration->Texture Configuration…’ menu item and load your JPG file
  6. Save, print, cut, fold and glue. You’re done!

Once you have build your own 3D avatar, send a pic to me and I’ll publish it here.

Enjoy it!

10 thoughts on “Join the South Park gang

  1. great idea, but I have a problem…
    I downloaded the pepakura viewer2, and works great, but the problem is that I have long hair and I was hoping to make my “south park model” just like me, but that’s imposible, and I had an idea…
    could somebody change the 3D pattern to add something like an optional “veil” over the head? how could I describe it… like a bullet without the flat side, or a condom. If it had that part, you could add the “hair” patern and print it aswell on the same page. So, you just had to cut it by the hair borders, not the complete veil. that way, people that would like to add long hair to it’s char, just had to make the bald version of the char and then add the hair, and if you don’t want to do this, you just had to print it the same old way, and ignore the “hair-veil”
    Thank you and I hope that somebody could do this…

  2. Well, actually what I meant was more like long hair all along the head, I’ve replied your mail with my avatar, so you could see what I meant, if you don’t mind…
    althought, on a second think, maybe I could do it by myself without having to have the pdo file, simply printing a brown square and cutting it ing the form of hair, and then pasting it around the head… I just had to print the head with short hair…


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  5. Muito bom, mas preciso de ajuda

    Eu tenho que passar o bonequinho no formato inteiro pro formato “desmembrado”. Como eu faço isso?

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