Kenny from South Park

Gang is now complete!

Kenny McCormick

Kenny is well known for almost always wearing an orange parka, and for being killed in almost all episodes. He seems unconcerned by his deaths and hates that nobody cares that he dies.

Visit South Park page, download and enjoy building Kenny! And all the gang!

4 thoughts on “Kenny from South Park

  1. E ai Cláudio…..o Kenny ficou showw!!! parabéns!!…vc pretende fazer mais algum personagem da série?
    abraçoo e sucesso!!!

  2. Olá, Cláudio.

    Rapaz, me diga uma coisa: qual tipo de papel é mais indicado para imprimir estes modelos?

    Estava querendo me arriscar para ver como fica um montado…

    Grande abraço

  3. Awww oh my gawd I wanna make one of him! He’s so adorable! D: Too bad I have no printer ink. *fail*

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