– Brazilian models

v02_img18.jpgCamilo Costa and his crew are doing an excellent job gathering brazilian modelists.

Papel Modelismo is this job. They intend to design and build brazilian models from brazilian subjects, like the Gurgel here.

All models are free and the website can be viewed in portuguese, english and german.

Visit their website and enjoy their amazing models!

3 thoughts on “ – Brazilian models

  1. It’s a honor know that you are from my country (Brazil).
    Your models have a lot of details that make them the most perfects paper models
    that i’ve seen.
    Congratulations! I’m working with the BTTF De Lorean ( a great model from a great movie!).
    God bless you my friend!

  2. Cláudio:
    I’ve finally finished the BTTF Delorean!
    I’m sending you the photos ’cause
    I used new materials on its construction.
    If you like the result, you can publish it in
    your webpage.
    On more time, thank’s a lot!
    Your work was really fantastic!( I’ve seen the BTTF Trilogy again
    and the details are incridibles!)

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