BTTF Train Time Machine

Finally, I’ve got time to finish my BTTF Train Time Machine. Now, I’m able to travel in time and finish some other models… :-)

It’s a little complex model, but it worths! I know some BTTF fans waiting a long time for this model.

Besides paper, some wires and transparent sheets were used.

You can check some pics of my finished model and download model and instructions from Delorean’s page.

Hope you enjoy building this model as much as I did.

11 thoughts on “BTTF Train Time Machine

  1. Fantástico Claudio!

    Já está na linha de montagem!

    Parabéns e obrigado!!!!

  2. Great.
    I’m a french delorean owner, and ass soow as I’ll have a few time, my delo will have a small sister and a time machine train.

    What about a “hill valley” model ?

  3. Hi Claudio.
    I finished “Time Train Machine”
    and looks great!!. I loved the model
    (also i used shining paper like you).
    I thank for much to you for designed and shared the model to uss.

    My better desires for you in the life. thanks.

  4. I finished the Delorean, and it looks great!!
    Please could you make an completly “Hill Valley”- Paper model??

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