F-44G Rapier II and SR-51 Sea Hawk SAC/SWACS

More ships of the games Wing Commander! (Little by little the project is going increasing) this time is the classic fighter of the Confederation F-44G Rapier II of the games Wing Commander II and Armada and the stranger SR-51 SWACS Sea Hawk of the game Wing Commander Prophecy…

Rapier is a model of medium difficulty that will please the lovers of the series, why believe that my paper model is the only public model…

SWACS began as a game to show to a friend the potentialities of the new version of Pepakura and it ended if transforming in a “bonus model”, a model that will please the beginners a lot with certainty because he has only six pieces!!!

I building Rapier model of two nights on the weekend, without a lot of customization to not to be the landing gear (that time didn’t want to do the interior). I admit that I love that model (it had been able to is one of my favorite of the whole saga…) who ventures to building he will see that he won’t have a lot of difficulties just has to be careful in the hour of gluing some pieces without tabs of glue. See that concluded model me left very happy and happier still of could share with you! :)

SR-51 for being a very simple model with big pieces. with a little effort and in a pair of hours it is finished, the only care that the modeler if it goes novice he should have is with the entrances of air that she has a collage a little more delicate and that it demands attention in the positioning.

More information on these new models and the download you find in my page here in the paperinside

Thank you and until next time!

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