Thank You! – New models WIP (Work in Progress)

Hello! He would like to say in first place that is an enormous pleasure and satisfaction in sharing my models here with all in Paperinside, I will use this channel offered generously by Claudio forever putting the innovations than I project.

To inaugurate my performances here I announce the models that soon will be available for download…

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 – Constitution Class (TOS) – it 1/1000 scale – they Exist at least two models of Enterprise of the series of Classic TV, and one is the excellent model 1/720 scale projected by Ron Caudillo and available for download in the site Egiftshop /. Continuing my project of accomplishing all of Enterprises this is the close of the list, the model is unfolded already and ready and I began the assembly tests of him. I liberated that model just for my friend Stack Overflow to accomplish a beta assembly. I believe that in some two weeks he is already available for download…
1701 - 2
1701 - 3

F-44G Rapier II – it classic space fighter of the games Wing Commander I and II, this is a simple model that it can be done with effort in some hours, it is scaled for 1/200 continuing my personal collection, however that is a model test for an bigger than I will do with interior in the scale 1/48. I should be making available at the next monday…

I See you next time! Bye and thank you again!!!!


9 thoughts on “Thank You! – New models WIP (Work in Progress)

  1. Olá,

    Cláudio, vc é do Rio ? Gostaria de entrevistar alguém que cria modelos em papel no meu programa de TV pela Web ( O programa se chama CGMAX TV.

    Abraços e obrigado !

  2. Caro Paulo,

    Sou carioca sim! No entanto, moro em Matão, interior de SP.

    Muito legal sua idéia de entrevista sobre modelos de papel! Se você quiser, podemos fazê-la pelo Skype, ou algo do gênero.

    O que você acha?

  3. Any chance of making a paper Jalkehi from Wing Commander (it is a kilrathi ship from Wing Commander 2)

  4. Yes there are great possibilities! I have a model 3D very simple of Jalkheti that gives a great paper model, I don’t promise anything for now, until why I am drifting among other projects to accomplish Broadsword, the Hornet and Dralthi Mk II…

  5. i noticed u createda cg model of the train from bttf does this mean ur going to be makin a paper version of it and here another kool crazy idea…the hill valley clocktower that would be so kool to see those

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