The amazing General Lee

generalLee-p.jpgMany people has asked me to design a paper version of the famous General Lee – from The Dukes of Hazzard.

Well, I was involved with Batmobiles and other stuff, but fortunately, another modeler from Brazil РJọo Carlos Рdid it for us!

You can download it from his website and thank him as well.

5 thoughts on “The amazing General Lee

  1. Didn’t know brazilian people participate in the modeling projects.
    I am a brazilian too. Don’t know how to do such a complex modeling.

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  3. Man!!! im brazilian too and im trying to do this one!!! everything was ok till the trunk!! it doesnt seem to fit the back glass part…. and about the wheels? it doesnt have any instruction for these motherfuckers!!! can somebody help me?? please sent me an e-mail


  4. Thank you for General Lee. If I get lost, do you have assembly instructions?
    Muchas gracias

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