Which car do you want to see here? Poll

When I asked this question a few months ago, ‘The Tumbler’ was the absolute winner. And it’s done!

However, we have a draw for the second place.

  • Mercury Monterey 1950 driven by S. Stallone in “Cobra” movie
  • The Munster Coach
  • Dragula, Grampa Munster’s coffin car
  • The V8 Interceptor from Mad Max

So, I’d like to ask you again: Which car do you want to see here?

Please vote for one of these four cars only.

47 thoughts on “Which car do you want to see here? Poll

  1. You know, the more I think about it, I’d like to see the Munster’s Coach, then a follow up with Grampa’s ride. Although the Mad Max Interceptor would be cool too…

  2. Hi,

    I would like to vote for the Munster’s Coach. Having seen the original, I would love to have a paper version.


  3. Olá Claudio.
    Meus votos seriam para o Mercury e o V8 Interceptor. Mas para o da vez, que seja o Mercury.

  4. The V8 Interceptor “Mad Max”

    mais um q seria legal…o carro do capitao nemo do filme “a liga extraordinaria” hehehe..showw aquele carro outro tambem…o Kitti “Super Maquina”

  5. Mercury Monterey 1950 driven by S. Stallone in “Cobra” . Please,please,please,please…:-D

  6. I have to vote for the Munsters Coach. That sweet baby is a real part of American pop culture.

    That and the Grandpa Dragula.

  7. The Munster Coach Please!!!! I own a metal collectors model of the Munster Coach which I just finished assembling. I’m still looking for the matching Dragula in 1/18 scale. I love the models you have finished so far. Will the Doc Brown time traveling train ever be made into a paper model?

  8. I voted last time at cardmodels dot net for the Dragula.
    This time I vote again for the Dragula AND the Munster’s Coach!
    Get busy dude!

  9. i think the best model would be a cadillac 60`s series … mm…. if it have a tony montana ffigure it would amazing!

  10. I would like to see the rest of the batmobiles form the original thru to the one that was used in the movies that didn’t have the Tumbler which I think is horrible BUT that’s only my thoughts and opinions.


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