Batman Begins – The Tumbler : Ready!

After a few weeks on vacations, I’ve finished The Tumbler – the batmobile used in Batman Begins.

Besides paper, I’ve used some wires and transparent sheets (windshields). You can check some pics and download parts and instructions at The Tumbler page.

You can choose between black and camouflage versions, or both! Enjoy the model!

18 thoughts on “Batman Begins – The Tumbler : Ready!

  1. Thanks, thousand times. That’s one of those models I’ve been waiting for.
    Please, e-mail me as I would like to discuss something with you.

  2. Hello, Claudio

    Congratulations for another great model !!! Really a very impresive work.

    One question: What kind of paper do you use in your model? At least in the photos it’s looks gloosy.


  3. Why do som many great models make them look like crap by having the white dotted lines for fold/score lines?

  4. Hola, Claudio!
    Ya había visitado tu blog hace tiempo. Pero ya que eres parte de la familia de, he puesto un link directo en mi blog al tuyo.
    No seguimos viendo por aquí.
    PD Muy buenos tus proyectos! Continúa así!

  5. I don´t know how you do it, but in my opinion, your paper models are the best I ever seen. Congratulations and please continue to share it with us!!! We enjoy it a lot.

  6. May I ask, where do you get Transparent Sheets? I am so confuzed and I wanna make this the right way.

  7. A while ago, I asked what type of paper you use for this, what do you recommend for a HP Deskjet Printer.

  8. i tried to open your tumbler pdf in pfotoshop and it asked for a password…is this normal? or am i missing something?

  9. sir first of all congatulations its a brilliant work done by u. can u plz tel me the instructions 2 build the paper bat tumbler please sir i’ll b eagerly wating for ur rply. iknw tht asking nw wil make nthg sense bt i din’t knw earlier tht somebody did made a paper tumbler plz sir do giv me a rply will b waiting fr ur rply

  10. tenho a versão do batmóvel de 1940..
    na época que o seriado era só conseguido em revistas em quadrinhos..
    quem tiver interessado é só pedir que eu envio de graça para vocês em RAR
    é um modelo simples..mas, histórico.


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