BTTF I Delorean – Ready!


I’ve finished the building process of my BTTF Delorean. You can check pics of the final model at Delorean Page.

Also, you can download the model and instructions (of course!)

Hope you like the car and enjoy building it as much as I did!

14 thoughts on “BTTF I Delorean – Ready!

  1. Ai Claudio!!!
    nossa já estou desesperado para montar hauhauha…me diz uma coisa, vc pretende fazer as modificações para as outras versões?……valew!!!!

  2. this is the bestest delorean paper model i ever seen.

    if other BTTF model(mr.fusionver or train) update. this will be a big gifts for fans

    Good Job

    PS:sorry, my english is too short. i’m korean

  3. A very nice model indeed!

    I’m currently building the BTTF 1 model. Guess I’ll build all the three + the stock version, but man, it has so many details! I even dunno when I’ll have some free time to build a single one!

    Really nice!

    Keep up with the heat fella! 😉


    P.S.: What do you think about a papercrafted USS Enterprise-A??

  4. Hey, what`s above flyin delorean? you are doing great things…I just finish my Delorean and It was the pleasure to make it. This is my suggestion: you could do bttf truck (part 1) which is used to transport Delorean :-))….and also Clock Tower…think about my suggestion.

  5. hi!
    the model is awesome!
    but i dun quite understand the recommended type of paper..
    (Medium glossy 120 to 150gsm)
    i’ve been searchin for images or definitions.. but none /:
    any help would be appreciated! (other name for the paper, a link, etc.)

  6. how can i dowload it, because i’m cannot found the button to download

    HELP ME!!!!!!!

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