10 thoughts on “Anime Girl

  1. Don`t work!!! I try a lot of times and nothing… please leave a valid URL because that model are soo good!!!

  2. this site is not working for now. he seems to take it down from time to time. i can only hope that he will be back with some more incredible models. i have built almost all of his work. this particular model is tough to build but well worth it. i also enlarged some of his work and made them about 20 inches tall. great designer.

  3. wooow exellent work…i’m anime fan. why you don’t work in other anime as saint seiya??? will be really exiting see a paper seiya with divine clothes!!

  4. wow, awesome!

    richard lebsock, you said that you have built almost of his work?
    can you share it? in case his website didn’t work anymore…


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