Which car you want to see here?

That’s it!

I’ve received many requests asking me to make this or that car. I find it amazing! People are do enjoying my models.

However, I wouldn’t like to be unfair… So, if you have any idea, please leave a comment here.

Thank you!

116 thoughts on “Which car you want to see here?

  1. Hi Claudio:
    I´m desperately looking for a paper car. It´s 1951 Cadillac Cabriolet coupe in red. I´will aprecciated to much for that model. Thank´s for you amazings models

  2. Hi claudio
    I think the most amazing model would be the Cody coyote x from the tv series Hardcastle and McCormick.
    I think that would be the most popular and exciting model in your website.
    Here is the website that could help build it.
    C’mon, I know you can, your models are the most incredible in the world.
    greetings and good luck.

  3. Hello Claudio, I’m from Portugal and I found this website because I was looking for models from the Disney’s Cars charaters such as Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mack, Luigi, Guido, Doc Hudson, Tom Mater etc. You said to Serginei that it could be found in your friend’s site (http://www.paperian.com/webdude/bl.htm), but it is no longer available. Do you know were I can find this models now? I need them to decorate my sun’s 3.rd barthday party because he is crazy about this charaters. Thank you very much.

  4. CMON MAN! Lets take it back to the old school.. Not too old but a “68” westfalia VW BUS with the camper poped up. And the spare in the front. With the bubble caps on the rims and the state stickers on the windows… Feel free to include the bug splatter on the front and the checkered curtains. White with orange camper. Is that coo???

  5. I love your models. I have already made the camaro 2009 and I am hoping to make the tumbler and bumblebee robot mode.
    Can you please make a Lamborghni Aventador or a Audi r8


  6. Hello, I don’t know if the Author of this website still reads this post, but I’ll try my luck :)

    I admire your work, it’s really great :) That said I would like to suggest one model. It’s an “IKARUS” type city-bus (more specifically http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bucharest_Ikarus_bus_628.jpg) that roamed the streets during Soviet and post-soviet (in some countries) times, so this bus is truly legendary… I remember riding it to school every day 😛

    And/or another city-bus that recently changed IKARUS’s in my country – “Solaris Urbino 12”. I have started scratch-building it myself a year (or more) ago, but I am not as nearly good as you are and some complications came up so I never finished, although I have enough data on it to start it, that includes tech specs, detailed 3D model, detailed pictures of the bus and more. Everything is published on my blog here: http://newage.ql.lt/blog/?p=263

    Paper model publishers have published another Solaris model but it’s not what I want. I am aware of all the alternatives available for a Solaris bus, all of which are just a paper box or another type of Solaris bus.

    So any of those 2 buses would be really nice :) thanks for considering.

  7. you should definitely make the ford gt 90. its rare, plus i think it would bring more traffic to youre site do to the fact you cant find it anywhere and youd be the only one who has it ,

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