Creatures from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

My wife and me started to plan our daughter’s first birthday party.

We choosed Disney’s Alice in Wonderland as party theme. You don’t know how difficult is to find anything related to this theme in Brazil!

So, we’re trying to make some decoration items by ourselves. Take a look at these pictures. They’re screenshots from MilkShape 3D – where we’re modelling creatures – Butter-Fly and Horse-Fly.

8 thoughts on “Creatures from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

  1. These look great. Are you going to make the bread-and -butterfly and horse fly available as paper models? They would be wonderful to print out on overhead transparencies to blow up and make large.

    Thanks for sharing your Batmobile with us. I have it printed out, but haven’t started it yet.

  2. The butterfly and horsefly look very cute, my nieces will love them. Are they already available ? I want to make some decorations in their birhdays using these.

    Thanks and cheers,

  3. I love the Alice in Wonderland models! Please let me know if and when you release them.


    Carl Hewlett
    Just finished Ecto! Great Model!

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