Build an Orion of Your Own


You can download and print out a paper model of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft and have it ready in time for the first flight test of the actual spacecraft.

Get yours from

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R2-D2 kit build


Finally got time to start building my own R2-D2 kit.

Inside the box, you’ll find 12 model sheets, instructions, two LED lights and a sound component, and a book about Artoo.

A few (well, a bunch of!) hours later, and I got the read dome assembled with the lights and sound. Great! Hope I can get into it tomorrow…

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Two new models on their way to stores


Yesterday, I got these two boxes at home. Yes! They are my two new contributions to becker&mayer!, and I’m very proud of them!

I’d like to thank becker&mayer! for inviting my for these projects! :)

I think they’ll be available at stores soon.

You can check my other two projects with becker&mayer! at and

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